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for the olympics back in 2001. >>> and how about a and moment for a pair of identical twins? they've experienced a lot of things together. but now it is motherhood. secure mitch will and secura white both delivered babies in columbia, south carolina. gave birth to caden mitchell. then an hour after that, slakira -- shakira had london boyd. and moments after that, her twin brother, who was landon. so one of the twins also had twins. >> wow. >> do you see what could be happening in your future, bernadette? >> they're not identical. i know where you're going. it's wild. congratulations to them. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,
of july at the ballpark. in detroit, prince fielder got the tigers going against the twins. a single that drove in two runs. cabrera went three for three with two home runs and three rbi and justin verlander making his case for starting the allstar game, his fifth complete game. tigers 5, twins 1. on the south side of chicago, rival kevin youkilis making white sox fans happy again last night. a diving stop to nail adrian beltran and then an rbi hit to left in the tenth inning. sox with a walk-off win 5-4. in washington, not only did thomas jefferson win the fourth of july president's race waving the flag all the way, but the nationals and red, white and blue beat the visiting giants behind back-to-back homers behind zimmerman and morris. >>> another two-run shot. final nats 9, giants 4. after eight seasons with the phoenix suns trying to beat kobe bryant and the lakers, free agent steve nash is joining him. the point guard signed a three-year, $27 million contract with the lakers. nash was second in the nba in assists last season and averaged almost 13 points a game. at wimbledon, to
-0 in the first inning of play. the twins win the game thanks to that early lead which they never lost by a score of 19-7. >> of course the large, huge news yesterday in the world of sports in baltimore, the ravens signing ray rice to a 5 year deal. that is large. that is enormous. >> and puts the end to a lot of speculation about what was going to happen. >> what's going to happen is ray rice, you're the running back for the next 5 years. also yesterday the tickets came. i actually took this picture and put it on the facebook page. i'm pointing this out for a reason. if you look, the word is team. >> okay. >> you have players faces on each of the tickets. i'm sitting here looking and about five in i said is that jamal lewis. jamal lewis is going into the ring of honor this year. >> okay. >> how about that. one of the great running backs in the history of the baltimore ravens. speaking of ray rice and running backs, jamal lewis gave it up for you, body and soul and is going into the ring of honor. that's why his picture is on that ticket. >> very good. >> more to follow. >> yeah . >> it sure
with the a.a.a. team. o's hitters will face twins lefty. the birds lost six of the last seven games. among the weaknesses exposed, young pitching chris tillman with a bad game. he watched with a disappointing season debut in minnesota last night. knocked out of the game after four innings, he was charged with giving up four runs and the relievers couldn't hold the twins down either. two runs score on the consecutive hits in the inning. a difference with a 6-4 orioles defeat, but it goes back to britain. an outing that didn't last long enough to help the team. >> four innings and 100 pitches. better and it wasn't there tonight. >> it's just disappointing. you can't do that. this is a game you've got to win. every time they give you four rounds, there are four innings and it's inacceptable. >> they have the most errors in the majors. o's and twins tonight on masn2. it's on cleveland. it will be masn on wjz right here. first at 7:00 p.m. on saturday. the o's have fallen. two run home run in the inning to share the 19th homer this season. the game was called due to rain in the seventh inning.
webster side agents ignored warning signs. >>> turning to sports, the oriels rally past the twins for another win. pitching has been a problem but chen changed that last night. he went 7 innings and only gave up 3 runs. his strong performance was fuelled after mark reynolds slams a two run single in the 8th. the oriels take the win 4-3 splitting the series with the twins. saturday night the o's and indians play at 7:00 live right here on wjz 13. >>> let's take a look at first warning doppler weather radar. we had those heavy, heavy rainstorms move through the area during the dinner hours and then we had -- believe it or not, that was more scattered than effecting a wide area during the dinner hours. during the bedtime hours and the over night we had area wide rain which now sits off to the east. more on its way later. take a look at the temperature on tv hill right now, 73. that's 4 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. at lunch still 79 on its way to a high of only 82 with the afternoon, evening and frankly all the way through tomorrow periods of rain, maybe a couple of thunde
the twins. adam jones hit a two run homerun. after that the twins couldn't catch up thanks to the pitching efforts of tommy hunter. he helped the oriels end their losing streak. the o's win 2-1. their road trip continues this weekend in clooe -- cleveland. saturday it's on wjz at 7:00. >> all right. >>> i was just looking at an interesting sky picture. we have over cast conditions, starting to get breken over cast. let's -- to get broke n over cast. there's a lite shower approaching -- light shower approaching western howard county. our watch warning and advise vi d ri -- advisory graphic is clear this morning. today, tonight and maybe a little bit of tomorrow, mostly cloudy, about a 70/30 mix of clouds and sun and a chance of a passing thunderstorm. nothing severe expected. if we can get a couple of showers and thunderstorms it wouldn't be a bad thing given how bone dry the region is. you have a chance today and tonight, tomorrow a less of a chance, saturday a pretty good chance. i'll show you why in our first warning weather segment. >>> have you ever -- been over there to rub johnny's f
, and bmws. >>> the long island expressway isn't the best delivery room, but that's where these twins entered the world. they ended up being born 9 minutes and a few miles apart. the parents pulled over and called 911 when it became apparent they weren't going to make it to the hospital. >> i'm looking in the back of the ambulance. i'm like, baby number two is coming. come around this way. i screamed it's a boy. >> they're perfect and amazing, absolutely overwhelming that they're here. >> the parents are thinking giving the boys southy and w-3. >> that really worked out for them. >> he was probably going 80-90 miles an hour and hit a traffic jam. >>> let's take a look at the weather. today's weather is going to be kind of like it will be the rest of the week. 84% humidity. barometer is rising. right now, a pleasant cool 64 in oakland. ocean city, 76. there was a shower, even a thundershower just south of the city between 7-8:30 tonight. a couple spots picked up a third of an inch. the airport, three 100ths of an inch. 74 in bel-air. 87, 69 today. the average high is 87, the average low 67. ri
. >> is it enough to beat the twins? we have more next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> good night for the orioles. >> things straightened out. you play 162 baseball games, and no doubt some of them are ugly. that's how the team played today in minnesota. he's talking about baseball, not a beauty contest. we're always talking about pitching. chris tillman was terrible to start the series. hunter outstanding last night. they would witness a good outing from chen. he allowed two runs in the first inning. only one more after that. that's quality. oriole hitters had a terrible time knocking in runs. reynolds had a chance to change what was an ugly day. didn't hit it hard but got the job done. two runs scored to put the oh os on top and they stayed there for a 4-3 victory. finally a clutch hit to win the game. >> it's frustrating. like i said, i was able to get one in there and give us the lead. >> referring to the orioles relief pitchers who finished the job, jim johnson got the final 3 outs. second straight well-pitch game. that's a two-game winning streak on the road. the road trip c
the twins a victory. moving along, an admirable but valiant effort, unwanted results for torres at the trials this omaha. as fate would have it, he finished fourth in the 50-meter free style which means he failed to make the team. hardy earned first place. day 8, wimbledon tennis big upset. sharipova sent home by number 15. serena williams acing. on the men's side, a big serve and a wicked back hand from jojocovich. and federer number 3, match point. that's what's happening in sports. >>> still ahead, a young boy works wonders with a ping-pong ball. ,, your grilling is still gonna be pretty amateur. but your deck? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro. the new santa fe steak melts. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt. juicy steak, crispy bacon, and melted cheese with creamy santa fe caesar. or try adding egg for a santa fe steak, bacon & egg melt -- a favorito for breakfast but muy bueno any time of day. get to your local subway and claim your steak today -- with new s
rough enough. the orioles faced the twins, who have the worst record in the league. but the past two nite, they've been beaten by lowly minnesota. they tried to reverse their luck. adam jones hit this 2-run shot with an early 2-0 lead. buck show alter said that's nice, but it's the pitching that's been the problem. how old tommy hunter do? he did quite well. hunter pitches into the 8th inning. the orioles win 2-1. one more game in minnesota tomorrow afternoon and then on to cleveland. saturday night. it will be masn here on wjz. >>> an injury scare for the blue jays flaying the yankees in the bronx. brett lowery catches a foul ball, he flips over and falls six feet onto the concrete. he left the game, but x-rays are negative. a bruise, nothing broken. >>> in football, it's countdown to ravens training camp. the first workout is eight weeks away. it's been a busy offseason that's incheuded new long-term contracts for darius webb and ray rice. that means joe flacco is the remaining bit of unfinished long-term busy. cites a source that says there's a 75% chance that flacco's con
with four runs. now in the 7th inning the o's trail the twins 6-4. >>> everybody's chasing the yankees who have the best record in the majors and now they get their best pitcher back. sabathia, six strikeouts. the yanks beat the j's 6-1. new york is 9 1/2 games ahead of the o's in the division race. >>> in football more strong comments from ed reed says he's sure the ravens expect him to show up for camp but adds they're not getting him for cheap. he says his issues aren't about money, saying people don't know what's going on behind closed doors, and those who doesn't know should not judge him. reed's under contract to be paid $7 million this season. ravens gather for training camp a week from tomorrow. >>> the u.s. basketball team gets in a patriotic mood while in washington, d.c. baltimore native carmelo anthony and his teammates pose for a photo, a reminder they're playing for the red, white and blue. >> i reflect on what we're actually doing right now. to take that picture in front of that building with usa across our chests. you could look back 10, 20 years from now and still feel the
. >>> the oriels lose in the battle with the twins in minnesota. they started off on the right foot, adam jones hits a three run homer in the 5th. the oriels lead at that point 4-1. pitcher zach britain could not hold on that lead, walking six battering and allowing four runs. the oriels lost 6-4. the oriels road trip will continue this weekend in cleveland. saturday night it will be on wjz. see the oriels and indians live at 7:00 right here on wjz 13. >> yeah, buddy. america's great north coast. >>> i was just over there updating all the info, it starts changing at the top of the hour. weather is going to be a big player today. the heat is one of our leads. potential thunderstorms is the other. let's walk outside and watch the beautiful sunrise. i mean, there's some high clouds off to the east that were diffused. it was a red sunrise, it was really interesting. about 10 minutes after that, you can start to feel the heat. let's take a look at our watch, warning and advisory graphic. 11:00 through 9:00 we have a heat advisory in effect. it's going to feel like 105. it's going to feel hotter with
. chris had a terrible time against the twins last night coming off a good outing in seattle couldn't have been much worse in minnesota. till man got just two outs and allowed 7 runs, before he was removed in the 1st inning. pitching staff got knocked around in a 19-7 defeat. manager, buck has little patience for struggling pitchers at the big league level and will continue to seek replacements for those who can't do the job >> they control it we don't control it. that is the thing that i think they understand they control this, we want them to do well and pitch well, there is always some body there if you can't deliver what the job description gives and that goes for all of us just an accountability, that you know, we just can't be satisfied with mediocrity. >> he was consoled by jones after the pitchers early exit. till man will get another chance he is scheduled to pitch in cleveland saturday. zach britain starts tonight after a season in norfolk so far he has overcome shoulder discomfort he suffered during spring training. os pitchers will face twins starter, game time 8:10 p.m., see
on eyewitness news, the o's take one last swing at the twins in one last swing at the twins in minnes,, >>> the o's finish up their series in minnesota with an afternoon game today. mark joins us with the latest on how they did. >> the once high flying oriels have been floundering lately. there was hope this would be a chance to pecuniary -- pick up the pace --. pace. chen follow ing up on the good outing tommy hunter had. hunter did his job through 7 innings. that appeared to be a struggle, scoring runs early. o's hitters left a lot of runners on base. the o's trail 3-1 but rally in the 8th inning. o's down by a run, two runners on base. rent ols -- reynolds had a critical hit with runners on base. >> you know, it's frustrating, everyone in there is frustrated with it. i was able to give us the lead and our guys came in and did their jobs. >> reynolds referring to the o's relief pitcher who finished the job. closer john johnson got the three outs. a clutch hit, a second straight well pitched game, a two game win street. that road trip continues tomorrow. saturday on wjz, see the o's
that loud clap of thunder halted that. did you see the scramble there? it was the rangers-twins game in the fourth inning last night. some dropped to their knees. there were no reports of damage. the rangers went on to beat the twins. 4-3. following a rain delay. who dropped to their news there? i would. >>> it is every summer's worst nightmare. paddling out in the ocean. and coming face to face with a great whie white shark. that's what happened to a man in massachusetts. karen brown reports for wjz. expert says this hot summer weather will bring more sharks closer to shore. >> reporter: cape cod. every kayaker's worst fear. you see walter zolk, jr., looking back over his shoulder in panic. 10 feed away, the dorsal fin of a great white shark. >> i'm surprised it probably hasn't happened sooner. because we know they're out there. >> reporter: the same day in santa cruz, california, a great white took a bite out of this kayak. the man inside, thrown into the water, but survived. >> sharks in the area at all times. so people need to be aware of that. just be careful. >> reporter: they'
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attack. >> folks running. players duck for cover after a loud thunder clap during the twins/rangers game in texas. one player tweeted, it was so loud he thought jesus was coming. he must not be living right. after a rain delay, the game went 13 innings, but the rangers beating minnesota 4-3. >>> pittsburgh floods their way to the first place in the national central division. racked up 17 hits against san francisco including three home runs. the pirates left the giants 13-2. left the break winning 10 of the last 12 games. >>> heads up. this foul ball is coming right at you. minor leaguer will myers fouled this back in the game in kansas city. as you can see, the ball completely shattered the lens. that made me duck in the studio. myers had three rbis. they won, 17-5. >>> when we come back, a character for the ages. remember oscar winning actor ernest borgnine famous for his hard nose roles on both the big and small screens. for his hard nose roles on the big and small screens. bthe big and small screens. othe big and small screens. the big and small screens. the big and small screens. i'm
lately but there was hope with this four-game strip to minnesota. facing the twins, they got the worst record in the league but the birds lost the first two. they bounced back, won a close down, looking to finish on a good note. chen, the starting pitcher, he did his job. he threw 7 innings. allowed just 3 runs. that should be good enough for his teammates to score some rinse but that appeared to be a struggle. earlier -- to score some runs but that appeared to be a struggle. os down with two on. reynolds hits a sinker to septemberer field. that scores two -- center field and that scores two runs. reynolds delivers where the os have been failing. and that road trip will continue to cleveland tomorrow. that's also a four-game series. this reminder, saturday, masn, see the os and indians, right here. first pitch at 7:00. opening round play. the british open, in england where talk has been how tough the course and conditions are. it's just talk for now. the weather turned out to be nice. the sos are low -- the scores are low and this man threatened the record. he died the record. it's not
. the mariners won 4-2. >>> in chicago, twins at white sox. adam dunn hit a major league 30th home run in the seventh. he scored two. it tied the game at 4. then there was a two rbi single to put chicago ahead. the sox kept on scoring. winning it 11-4. >>> in houston, top of the ninth, astros leading the reds. centerfielder drew stubbs, a two-run homer. the reds rally to win. sixth straight victory and houston's eighth straight loss. >>> last olympic warmup for team usa basketball in barcelona spain. a rematch of the gold medal game. the spanish took an early lead behind barcelona's pau gasol. that didn't last long. carmelo anthony came off the bench to score 27 points. lebron james added 25. team usa easily winning this thing, 100-78. they play france in game one on sunday in london. >>> when we come back, one last visit to that deluxe apartment in the sky. you remember actor sherman hemsley, star of the tv hit comedy "the jeffersons." comedy the jefr sons. ♪ i know a blessing in disguise ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] you know the difference between paying more and getting more. that
up in less time. i love that book! can you believe the twin did it? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ [ female announcer ] weak, damaged hair needs new aveeno nourish+ strengthen. active naturals wheat formulas restore strength for up to 90% less breakage in three washes. for strong, healthy hair with life, new aveeno nourish+ strengthen. [ music plays ] >>> here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. thunderstorms this new york, 90 degrees. mostly sunny skies, 91 in miami. thunderstorms in chicago, 86. partly sunny skies in dallas, 100 degrees. partly cloudy skies in los angeles, 76. >>> let's check your national forecast. a large storm system across the great lakes and new york. damaging wind and hail. a cold front moving south from new england will add to the severe storm threat. another cold front, some severe from the upper ohio and mid mississippi valleys into the southern plains. the south will remain hot and humid. the west will stay mostly dry and hot. >>> in sports this morning, it's good cole hamill is
love that book! can you believe the twin did it? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ >>> it is 4:29. 96 degrees and sunny. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. and here's what people are talking about. five days after a vicious thunderstorm batters maryland, tens of thousands of people are still without power. crews are working to get everyone back online. but it is a tough process and the intense heat is not helping. first warning weather coverage continues with mike schuh, and crews hard at work in north baltimore. >> the epicenter of damage has now moved to north baltimore, just south of towson, and east over to parkville. there are over 1300 out-of- towners and up to 4,000 total working this storm. >> carol used to be one in a million. >> saturday, sunday, and monday. through friday. >> reporter: now, he's about 1 in 100,000. near the city line on his porch to keep cool, he may not have to read the news. he's part of the news. >> down the street and back, across the street. probably from that unit down to t
of a special reunion today at the johns hopkins children center. her twin boys are so cute. received treatment at the neonatal intensive care unit. and today, they were among the children who went back to visit with those dedicated doctors, nurses and staff, who helped care for them during their most vulnerable first months of life. the hopkins nicku treats 600 little patients each and every year. and let me just guess. that is -- i gotta look. i gotta look. that's danny. >> that's danny. >> okay. very good. >>> process of elim neighination here. but they have their distinctive looks here. >> they're too big to hold together. >> they are. they are heavy little boys. and the staff down there is so wonderful, top to bottom. just amazing people. so thank you for everything. >> is it possible they're watching you now? >> possibly. >> but your do boys are doing well. because everyone always asks me about them, no matter where i go. >> they're huge. they're chunky. they jumped right back up. as my husband always says, they don't miss a meal. >> exactly. >> and wait until they start moving on their f
a twin grilled chicken breast. right in front of you we have broiled salmon. >> reporter: who does not love salmon? >> were going -- we're going to do that with fresh melon and mint saul a. >> reporter: you're red to i to go -- you're red to did -- ready to go. it brings in people that may have never tried you place before. >> it does. it gives people the opportunity to try new restaurants and come in and see what we have to offer. we're available for lunch as well. >> reporter: we should point that out. there's 100 restaurants on the list. you're doing lunch here and a lot of places are. >> absolutely. lunch is a two course male for $15.12. it's still a great value. >> reporter: it is. guys at we will have the complete list of the nearly 100 restaurants taking place in raes rain week. we'll have that -- restaurant week. we'll have that on our website later today. you can't get a better deal than this, especially during the summer. 7th annual baltimore restaurant week starts tomorrow, continues through august the 5th. i'm getting hungry. >> ron, forget the stake. there's a
. in her 30s, showing off her flat stomach. j-lo rocks red in brazil. the 42-year-old mother of twins has that dancer's shape, smiling on the beach, with her new marntion casper smashts. >>> marley in miami. tattoo on her back exposed. the super celeb looking fit for her fiance, liam hems worth, who was far, far away. >>> a self portrait of heidi klum. looking good from any buoyant of view. the newly singled 39-year-old mother of four, still has a model shape in the twit pic she put up. >>> george's gorgeous pal at 32, showing off sweaty six-pack abs in a white sports bra and black yoga pants. >> tom and katie speak out about their divorce negotiations. what they are saying today about custody of suri and their beliefs. that and more coming up on entertainment tonight. >> don't miss entertainment tonight, at 7:30, here on wjz 13. >> it's the source for all of my material. >>> still to come tonight. the orioles players get a break for the all-star festivities. >>> management is hard at work trying to improve the team. mark has details next. [ cat meows ] [ woman ] ♪ i just want to be oka
double the cuteness in china. these baby twin pandas are so small, they can fit in the palm of your hand. one is still clasping its giant panda mother and has not been identified. the other is a confirmed male. conservationists have not yet named the pair. >> amazing something that large gives birth to something that teeny. >>> coming up, it's somewhat cloudy outside. so is there rain on the way? >> meteorologist tim williams has the update the weather forecast next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> welcome back. taking a look at die-hards on the driving range. they're hopefully staying hydrated. they're under a shaded tarp. so they're not such die-hards after all. but if you're going to be outside, doing anything. hopefully you're taking it easy as much as you can. it's definitely going to be a warm afternoon. and these temperatures stay with us right on through the foreseeable future. 88 is our normal high. 57 is the dew point. so the air is a little dryer than it has been at other times when we've had temperatures in the 80s and 90-degree range. we'll expect the humidity levels to go up here ove
in minimum wage. bruce gross recently lost his construction job. now he's raising his twin boys and daughter on $7.25 an hour. >> i can't even raise my kids or my family on that type of money. i have to go through months of deciding whether to pay bills or get food. >> reporter: current minimum wage is $7.25. part of rebuild america act, which calls for infrastucture to create new jobs. partially paid for by increasing taxes on the wealthiest americans. >> we're struggling to get to the middle. and i feel like they should be thinking, oh, how can we help? >> reporter: there's no question, middle class families are falling behind. their salaries have increased 35% in the last foury decade -- four decades, while the wealthiest has seen a 278% increase. >> it is absolutely destroying the very health of our democracy. >> cindy walsh is an activist. >> we will continue to see if if this if we do not put our foot down to the idea of free market and globalization being the answer to domestic hiring. >> reporter: president obama and democrats support raising the minimum wage, while mitt romney and c
. bernadette is part of a special reunion today at johns hopkins children center. her twin boys received treatment, special treatment, at the neonatal intensive care unit there. ask today, they were among the children who went back to thank the doctors and staff who helped care forever them during their most vulnerable first month. the hopkins nicku treats 600 tiny patients every year. and you can tell by the smiles on the families' faces how wonderful they do. >> and the kid the look like they're doing great. >> they are doing great. >>> that's it for us tonight. we'll be back at 11:00. >> i'm denise koch. thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. don't go away. much manufacture ahead on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. including outsourcing at bane capital. did it happen? we take you ,, >> mason: tonight, mitt romney under fire. wyatt andrews looks at the role romney played at bain capital and the outsourcing of jobs. jan crawford talks to the candidate. >> doesn't the buck stop with you? >> mason: and the c.e.o. of patrice bergeron written financial is arrested in a sch
packed city hall. brses bruce gross recently lost his construction job. now he's raising his twin boys and daughter on $7.95 an hour. >> i can't raise my family on that kind of money. i go through making decisions on whether to get food. >> it is calling for a raise. it is tied for the rebuild america act. can -- partially paid for by increasing taxes on the wealthiest americans. minimum wage supporters are calling for action now. >> we're struggling to get to the middle. and i feel like they should be thinking, how can we help? >> reporter: there's no question middle class families are falling behind. their salaries have increased 35% in of the last four decades, while the wealthy have seen a 278% increase. >> it is absolutely destroying the very fiber of our de -- democracy. >> we will see this continue if we do not put our foot down to this idea of free market and globalization globalization as being an answer to domestic hiring. >> reporter: president obama and democrats support raising the minimum wage, while mitt romney and congressional republicans do not. they claim it could sl
on the table. how'd i do, cj? we could be twins. well, cousins maybe. announcer: play a role in ending hunger. visit and find your local food bank. >>> it is sunny and humid, 86 degrees central maryland right now complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. >> a woman is being call adhere row she pulls her husband and child from a truck seconds before it topples over. it happened in the provinces in east china, surveillance video captured the truck giving way to its 37 tonne load of cotton yard. the woman is seen pulling her husband and child out to have truck before it falls completely on one side. the load wasn't tightened down with ropes. >>> a six flags roller coaster opened less than a month had a dozen riders stranded this weekend the superman ultimate flight coaster was stopped at the top for nearly two hours. the ride can hold up to 12 people travels up to 62 miles per hour, a crane gave the stranded riders water bottles until it turned back on they were then lowered to safety the ride is closed indefinitely. >>> a family is in mourning after the los
the flat stomach. >>> j-lo rocks red in brazil. the 42-year-old mother of twins has that dancer's shape, smiling on the beach, during a getaway with her new man, casper smart. >>> miley in miami. wearing a white detailed bikini. the super slim 19-year-old looking fit for her fiance, leon himselffield, who was far away. >> heidiheidi klum. the newly single 39 mother of four still has a model shape in the twit pickshe put up. >>> and george's gorgeous pal at 32, showing off six-pack abs in a white sports bra and black yoga panltses. >>> also tonight, tom and katie speak out about their divorce negotiations. what they are saying about custody of suri and their beliefs. that and more coming up on entertainment tonight. >> that's at 7:30, here on wjz 13. >>> well, mother nature has a little fun with the grounds crew at a minor league ballpark in tennessee. watch as they try to put the tarp on the field during wild rain storms. they ended up calling it a tarp- nami. one poor guy had to run for his life, in order to escape the billowing tarp. afterwards, he said he felt like indiana jones, try
transcript. >> i can't help but notice the two twin groves in the ramp. that didn't hold the cars at the top of the loop, did it? >> you're talking about the black line that you saw there? >> yeah. >> that actually -- that was actually a paint stripe. the reason for is that is on the initial 7 g load hit you get a bit of tunnel vision. as -- we're able to use that to keep us on track. >> it looked like it had a shadow line, like it was indented a little bit. not that i'm taking anything away from what you did. >> no, but that's a great idea. we might have recommended that to the engineers. >> that would have been a good idea. at the very top there's two white marks. that's to let you know it's upside down and it's okay to start lifting off the throttle. the black line was the key because your eye balls are pointed all different directions once you hit the initial 7 gs. it's all you can do to focus on that black line. . >> i know you set a record on saturday, june 30th. >> absolutely. >> how many times have you been through the loop? >> that was one of the things that made this so special.
, we did. >> i know, you're total twins. >> i hope you're having a good morning as we set up for a weekend very different than last weekend. it was cool, cloudy, raining, only 69 last saturday. today we're starting out warmer than that. the sun is coming up. still some clouds out there. there's fog in certain parts of the state. we are already at 76 in baltimore, some 60s in the mountains, 77 ocean city this morning. everyone on this map at least in the 70s as we head through the afternoon we're going to up 93. chance for a couple of showers or thunderstorms through the day. we'll have that forecast coming up. >>> here's what people are talking about this morning. a maryland man calling himself a joker is found with an arsenal of weapons after police say he threatened to shoot up his workplace. wjz has complete coverage of this threat. jessica kartalija talks with the stunned neighbors but first we have meghan mccorkell. >> early friday morning the swat team gathered outside this crofton apartment complex. >> police found an ors nel of weapons -- an arsenal of weapons. >> we
. it happened last night at the twins/tigers game. it happened on the fourth of july i should say. yeah. welcome back. >> it's a tough song to sing. let's just say that. >>> nancy reagan turns 91 today. the former first lady is taking on a familiar role this election year as a first lady of the republican party. >> on thursday, as john blackstone reports, she made her first public appearance since a fall left her with broken ribs in april. >>> it wasn't perhaps the kind of birthday greeting a 91-year-old might expect. but the reagan presidential library hosting an exhibit from the walt disney archives the world of politics and show business came together much as they did in the reagans own lives. she joined robert iger of the walt disney company to open the exhibit. >> while nancy reagan rarely speaks in public inside the republican party, her voice can still be powerful and influential. >> in the 24 years since her husband left office nancy reagan's endorsement has been sought by republicans. successfully by mitt romney. and a new generation has now come calli
session allowing table games and a casino in national harbour. >>> orioles lost to the twins, their road trip continues in cleveland. see the game live at 7:00
my shoulder. he said i'm an identical twin. one of his brothers wanted to know where he came from the other had no interest. it's varying person to person. how people feel about that and their identity. >> this is the first time you were from a teenage voice. most of the time you write about things that are relatable to women in particular. do you base it on things that have gone on in your own life or you sort of look around what's happening with girls that you know and care about? >> well i never had an affair with my best friend's fiance. good starting point. >> that's a good thing. >> i write about relationships. so i draw on my own relationships, of course. you know your friends, how often when you talk to your friends, do you not only cover your life and her life. but you go on to say, how about that other friend of yours? then you cover all these people and discuss them. it's just a whole -- there's so much you can draw on. when really at heart you're writing about mothers and daughters and sisters and relationships. dysfunctional and problems. secrets.
at this guy. >> dad doesn't want limb to throw the ball. >> here's a young fan at saturday's indians/twins game. a souvenir ball. tried to throw it back. dad stopped him. then he picked it up and threw it anyway. hate woman on the head. but we're glad to say everybody's okay. dad going, son, no, no. >> apologize to that woman. >> everything's all right. >>> no secret president obama comes from a diverse background. news from his ancestors you haven't heard anywhere else. >> goes back to the earliest days of colonial america. bill plante is live at the white house with that story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. you know, we've already learned barack obama is related however distantly to people as diverse as warren buffett, sarah palin, rush limbaugh and george w. bush. now, discovering startling new evidence, a connection in his mother's family tree. president obama diverse roots from kenya to kansas are widely known. now researchers found a new link. >> president obama is the 11th great-grandson of john punch, the first documented african to it be enslaved for life in the
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